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(plus applicable taxes)

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Granted, the Strategic Planning Toolkit is not inexpensive. But we look at it this way – if you were to retain a consulting firm to provide their services to develop a strategic plan for your school, they could charge you a minimum of +$15,000.00. By putting everything we do and know, all the tips, tricks, short-cuts, and critical steps into one exhaustive Toolkit, you get ALL our skills, experience, and knowledge for just $99.97 USD plus applicable (that’s less than what I charge an hour!!), and you save $14,900.

To me that seems like a reasonable price then. You get +30 years of our experience, for 1/300 of our fee.

But in all seriousness, I know as a former Headmaster and Superintendent, you have to count every penny. Running a fee-based private school is different than anything else. Once you enrol the students, that’s your capital for the school year. I wanted to charge a fair price that reflects what this valuable package can do for your school, and what my true value is. And I think I’ve struck a fair value.
The price of downloading a digital version right now for our complete Strategic Planning Toolkit is US$99.97 (plus applicable taxes and S/H)
The Toolkit will be available online immediately upon payment.


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