Strategic Planning Approach

What is strategic planning and why should all schools have a strategic plan?

Our planning approach typically encompasses a series of onsite retreats and optional focus groups over a six to eight month period, culminating in the development of your strategic plan and action plan for implementation in the coming school year. The resulting plan will provide recommendations for the ongoing development by maximizing your school’s strengths, anticipating challenges, reducing weaknesses, and developing proactive strategies to improve your school’s performance. All of which can be customized to your requirements and pricing. Provided below is an overview of the stages of our planning approach. Stages 1 and 2 complete an analysis of the current structure and operation of the Catholic schools in the school and identify the key issues to be addressed. Stages 3 to 5 define the recommendations for development of long- and short-term goals and objectives to enable your school to best accomplish your mission for the next five to ten years.

Listed below is an overview of the methodology and steps HEG uses to develop your school’s strategic plan:

  • Project Set-Up:
    Confirm Scope Of Planning Process
  • Committee Development:
    Assemble Board Steering Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, & Focus Groups
  • Assess Environment (Focus Groups & Surveys):
    Gather Data & Perceptions On School Performance & Factors Impacting School
  • Strategy Development (Conduct Retreat #1):
    To Develop Mission, Vision, Core Values, Goals, & Objectives
  • Action Plan Development: (Conduct Retreat #2):
    To Develop Tasks To Achieve Goals And Objectives, Identifying Timelines, Roles, Costs, & Measurable Indicators Of Performance
  • Online Survey (Community Feedback On Draft Plan):
    Gauge stakeholder reaction to draft strategic plan draft (mission, vision, goals, objectives)
  • Finalization & Approval:
    Board Approves Final Version of Strategic Plan (Mission, Vision, Core Values, Goals, & Objectives) & Prepares For Public Presentation
  • Implementation:
    Board & Administration Prepare and Execute Plan (Strategic, Action, And Operation) & Monitor Results
  • Monitor & Revise: A
    ssess Results & Adjust Plan Annually

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