Strategic Planning Toolkit

Includes Our Step-By-Step Manual, Workbook, PowerPoint, & 'How-To' MP3 Presentation

This Toolkit Makes the Development Of Your Strategic Plan Simple and Straight Forward

Strategic Planning Toolkit - Buy it Online As the President of Halladay Education Group (HEG) and a former Head of School and experienced consultant, I have developed countless strategic plans for a numerous private and public schools. I even completed my graduate degree in strategic planning for schools. So I truly understand what is involved in developing strategic plans as well as the implementation and roll-out of the plan completed. Our firm’s proven 10-Step Strategic Planning Toolkit provides you with an effective model and system that builds ownership of your plan within your school community and allows you peace of mind when you're the facilitator of the plan’s development. I've been in your shoes, so I developed the toolkit just for you that take you step-by-step through the entire process. I’ve even given you my PowerPoint for presentations.

Our Toolkit will:

  • Define your school’s priorities; closing the gap in performance and channelling your resources
  • Strengthen the partnership between Head of School and Board; making both more effective and clear about their roles
  • Define the benchmarks for success and accountability -- creating a huge ‘bull’s eye' for success
  • Springboard your school to the next level.
  • Look closely at critical issues and determine what is holding you back and provide you with the compass and road map
  • Catapult fundraising campaigns to the next level
  • Form the basis for yearly Head-Board evaluation and criteria
  • Put you on the path to being an high performing school
  • Energize everyone to get involved -- creating a shared vision and sense of ownership
  • Build stronger academic and extra-curricular programs and energizing them
  • Improve finances and projections; knowing where and why you are putting funds in your budget and your parents understanding why tuition is the way it is
  • Focus on excellence actually it focuses you on being ‘exceptional’ …why settle for excellent!!
  • Warning: 30% Of All Strategic Plans Fail...
  • What Can You Do To Ensure Your Success In Developing And Implementing A Plan?
  • Our Strategic Planning Toolkit won’t fail    it will springboard your school to the next level. Our Toolkit will enable you to develop the following:
  • Determine the scope of your Strategic Planning Process, Key Steps, Timelines, and Preparation
  • Orient Board, Administration, Faculty, and Parents to the Strategic Planning Process
  • Obtain Constituency Views (e.g., surveys, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires)
  • Assemble Internal and External Background Data To Establish Where You Are At Right Now
  • Define Your Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Educational Philosophy
  • Assess Your External and Internal Environment; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Identify and Frame Strategic Issues and Priorities
  • Formulate Strategic Priorities, Goals, and Objectives
  • Support Development of Your Action Plan
  • Assist the Planning Team in presenting results to the Board and Community
  • Oversee and Guide the Preparation of the Internal Strategic Planning Document
  • Oversee and Guide the Preparation of the External Strategic Planning Publication
  • Oversee the process to Monitor, Evaluate, and Revise Strategic Plan Annually
  • Oversee and guide the preparation of Yearly Operational Plans and Board Agenda

You Have The Keys To Unlock Your School’ Success

You have the keys sitting right there in front of just need to reach out and unlock the door to your school’s success. You clearly know that there are areas in your school that need to improve to create an effective school, but you’re hesitating. Well don't wait! You've the chance to create a blueprint for the development of an exceptional school and to become one of the top institutions…with an enriched curriculum, a waiting list, empowered staff, focused board, energized administration, happy, smiling students (who re-enrol), and proud parents who brag about their child's education (remember word-of-mouth is still the No. 1 recruiting tool).

What's In Our Strategic Planning Toolkit?

This Toolkit contains a comprehensive digital copy of our Workbook, Manual, Course, my entire Power Point presentation allowing you to effectively facilitate your own planning process, my Inner Circle MP3 Presentation on the how-to’s of strategic planning, a complete set of worksheets to walk you step-by-step through the entire strategic planning process, enclosed in your own limited set of eBooks on the "10 Steps To School Success".

Our toolkit includes downloadable digital PDF's and MP3, including:

  1. Strategic Planning PDF Manual That Provides Step-By-Step Instructions To Develop Your Own Plan
  2. Strategic Planning PDF Workbook With Helpful Worksheets And Examples That Help To You Work Your Way Through Your Plan
  3. Strategic Planning PowerPoint PDF Presentation That Walks You Step-By-Step Through the Planning Process
  4. Strategic Planning Start-Up MP3 and PDF Ebook That Provides You With An Audio Step-By-Step Jumpstart to Planning


As a bonus we're also providing $1,000 worth of bonuses to you when you buy the toolkit. You'll get the following:  Four $500 critique certificates that allow you four hours of my time over the phone and in writing to bounce your questions off of me or to seek guidance with how to develop and implement your strategic plan.

You Save Even More!

Granted, the Strategic Planning Toolkit is not inexpensive. But we look at it this way – if you were to retain a consulting firm to provide their services to develop a strategic plan for your school, they could charge you a minimum of +$15,000.00. By putting everything we do and know, all the tips, tricks, short-cuts, and critical steps into one exhaustive Toolkit, you get ALL our skills, experience, and knowledge for just $99.97 USD plus applicable (that’s less than what I charge an hour!!), and you save $14,900.

To me that seems like a reasonable price then. You get +30 years of our experience, for 1/300 of our fee.

But in all seriousness, I know as a former Headmaster and Superintendent, you have to count every penny. Running a fee-based private school is different than anything else. Once you enrol the students, that’s your capital for the school year. I wanted to charge a fair price that reflects what this valuable package can do for your school, and what my true value is. And I think I’ve struck a fair value.
The price of downloading a digital version right now for our complete Strategic Planning Toolkit is US$99.97 (plus applicable taxes and S/H)
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DownloadAs a bonus we're also providing $1,000 worth of bonuses to you when you buy the toolkit. You'll get the following: Four $500 critique certificates that allow you four hours of my time over the phone and in writing to bounce your questions off of me or to seek guidance with how to develop and implement your strategic plan. nZip to open your starter kit" title="Download WinZip to open your starter kit" width="83" height="83" />

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