Strategic Planning Toolkit Background

Strategic Planning Toolkit - Buy it OnlineA Little Background On How The Toolkit Got Started

As the President of HEG and former Head and Superintendent of numerous private schools, and a successful Consultant, I’ve constantly looked for practical information on how to develop and implement effective strategic plans for schools I've led and advised. I know from my graduate work on Strategic Planning at San Diego State University, there is a right way and a wrong way to develop a plan that transforms your organization. You don't want one that just goes through the act of planning for planning sake and is then put up on the shelf to collect dust.

But I was really frustrated. There wasn’t allot of information on strategic planning specifically for private schools. Sure, there was information for corporations, public schools, and even a little for not-for-profits. But it was too broad, too vague, or there wasn’t enough information to help the needs of real private schools…where you have to deal with fundraising, finance, human resources, marketing, admissions, recruiting, facilities, grounds, boarding, curriculum, public relations, technology, start-up business plans…and then planning and implementing it all out over the next five-years with your own team.

On a few occasions I had hired very, very expensive consultants to develop strategic plans at the schools I led…Co-Ed, PreK-12, Preparatory, Boarding, All-Girls, Equestrian, IB, Start-Ups, International ESL, Special Ed…pretty well every kind of private school there is. And I received every kind of plan…some good, some bad. I spent tens of thousands of dollars and attended every workshop, read every book, article, journal, and speaker on strategic planning (probably just like you), and developed an exhaustive library concerning the critical elements on strategic planning.

When I chose to start my own firm to provide solutions for private schools like yours, I pulled together my years of  experience developing strategic plans and researching the best models and established our own top-rated strategic planning program based on our team’s years of experience, graduate research into the most effective models and systems that will work for schools like yours.

We Give You The Recipe And Ingredients To Do It ALL Yourself

As a former private school leader, and one that has also done his own graduate level research on strategic planning, and one who’s developed his own strategic plans and successful models for numerous schools as a consultant, and as one who’s hired the best to do it, I’ve decided to put aside months of my own time to develop the complete “How To” Toolkit for private school and non--profit leaders to develop their own strategic plan. What I’ve done is take the very best from every model and system there is on strategic planning, address every question there is, and provide the most complete toolkit on the market that enables you to develop, implement, monitor, and revise a strategic plan for your own private school.