Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning For Schools

Strategic planning, when done right, does not have to be frustrating, unproductive, costly, or divert the energies of your school’s leadership. If developed properly, the process will stimulate community support and focus resources for your school’s continued development and provide a clear competitive advantage and business model aligned to your mission and inspires your community. The purpose of your strategic plan is to lay out a road map to achieve your mission and vision; moving away from being “reactive” – solving today’s problems – towards being “proactive” – eliminating problems in the future and taking advantage of opportunities. Your plan should provide a framework that enables your school to focus and coordinate your resources, work towards common goals, assess and adjust as you move forward, and focus your board’s priorities and inspire your staff and community. The planning process addresses a series of questions that examine assumptions, incorporate information about the present, and anticipate the world in which the school will be working and determine how you will get there. It asks:

  •     Where is your school now?
  •    Where do you want your school to be?
  •    How does your school get there?
  •    How does your school measure progress and know you’ve gotten to your destination?

As each question is addressed, we can develop a blueprint to improve your organization's performance.

WHERE ARE WE NOW? (Internal/External Assessment)

  •     Situation Inventory/Environmental Scans
  •     Quality Assessment & Benchmarking
  •     Strategic Issues

WHERE DO WE WANT TO BE? (Mission, Vision & Principles)

  •     Broad, comprehensive statement of the organization's purpose
  •     Core values/principles to achieve the mission
  •     Resources involved
  •     When combined with the mission & principles, identifies organization's uniqueness
  •     Compelling image of desired future

HOW DO WE GET THERE? (Goals, Objectives & Action Plans)

  •     The desired result after five or more years
  •     Specific & measurable targets for accomplishment
  •     Leads to quality initiative goals & objectives
  •     Strategies used to accomplish goals & objectives
  •     Detailed action plan
  •     Leads to resource allocation

HOW DO WE MEASURE OUR PROGRESS? (Monitoring & Tracking)

  •     Methods used to measure results
  •     Ensures accountability & continuous improvement-linked targets
  •     Performance Measures
  •     System to monitor progress
  •     Compiles management information
  •     Keeps plan on track

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