For-Profit Special Needs US-Based Private School Group For Sale (No. 1085)

HEG has been retained to advise school owners with the sale of their profitable US-based special needs private K-12 school group. School ownership prefers to sell their school business and operations only but will consider the combined sale of their business and property as a package deal.

The school group has close to 200 students at its two campuses and continues to grow at 20% per year. The school group provides a unique and highly regarded therapeutic program for students with autism from preschool through to high school. They are the premier provider of educational services for children with special needs and approved provider with state Department of Education's Scholarship Program. The school group is the first ABA-based school for children with autism in its region and the benchmark for excellence. The schools receive continuous inquiries for enrollment, which have grown in double digits year-on-year, with enrollment increasing by 90% over last three years

The schools are profitable with adjusted EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) with rent currently at $500,000 (40%) and adjusted EBITDA of $250,000 less rent expenses and +$2 million revenue and projected to continue to grow at 10% year-on-year. Overall, the schools are in extraordinary shape for short-, medium-, and long-term growth and profitability.

Created over three decades ago to serve children and families affected by autism, dyslexia, and other special needs, the Schools are a sensory-friendly environment where children receive 1:1 and small group therapy and classroom instruction based on the fundamental principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Discrete Trial Training, and Direct Instruction. Families are provided with the support they need to face the challenges of autism and dyslexia.

Highlights Include:

  • Profitable, fully accredited multi-campus private special needs school group.
  • Enrolling close to 200 students with enrollment growing 90% over last 4 years.
  • Steady margins of +$2m revenue & $500K (40%) adjusted EBITDA with rent and $240K adjusted EBITDA less rent.
  • +27,000 ft2 of updated facilities valued at $3.8m with space to add additional programs to meet growing demand.
  • Over $500,000 in renovations over last 48 months.
  • Holds competitive position in regional market.
  • Strategic opportunity to own market leading program in growing education sector, allowing for regional and national roll-out.
  • Option of purchasing school business operations only or combined purchase of property, buildings, and assets.
  • Dedicated campuses located on free-hold properties rented to new ownership.
  • Facilities include classrooms, therapy space (ABA therapy, OT, Speech, Music Therapy and PT), multi-purpose rooms, sensory integration rooms, life skills room, restrooms with handicap access, central office, conference rooms, administrative offices, and wired Wi-Fi network. Classrooms have been designed specifically for special needs students with sensory integration built into each room.

Current ownership has positioned schools to maximize profits for new buyers and the opportunity to roll out other centers. Everything is in place for new ownership to take the schools to the next level and benefit from a premium turn-key operation with sustained enrollment growth and profits. 

Contact HEG if you'd like to know more about this school group. This is a highly coveted and limited opportunity. Please refer to School No. 1085 in your communications with HEG.

Next Step

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Alternatively, if you're considering the sale of your own school and would like to know more about how our firm could be of assistance, please send a confidential email directly to our me.  

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Douglas Halladay
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